Flexible Domings

Minimum sipariş miktarı: 100
Flexible Domings is available to buy in increments of 1
Flexible Doming stickers are especially suitable for curved surfaces because of the extra adhesive and a layer of a soft plastic. Doming Soft stickers are available in a round, oval, square or rectangular shape .... in every size. The transparent protection layer made of Polyurethaan gives the sticker an ultimate protection against scratches, humidity and all weather conditions but also gives the sticker a glossy 3D effect. Because of the UV protection, the colors will remain beautiful over time.
Teknik özellikler
Ana malzemeAkrilik katmanlı folyo
ŞekilOval, Dikdörtgen, Yuvarlak, Kare
Ürün boyutu100 cm2 maximum
Ağırlık1 g
Baskı seçenekleriTam renkli damla
Fiyata dahilTam renkli damla 1 taraf
Damla baskı alanı100 cm2 maximum
İsim baskı imkanıEvet
Teslim süresi5 Iş günü
Garanti1 Yıl
Sipariş birimi1 Adet
Minimum sipariş miktarı100 Adet